As a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP), Leslie Adair serves the elderly and those with dementia or Alzheimer's, persons experiencing life’s transitions, such as birthing and dying, and those experiencing terminal illness, injury, chronic illness and/or disease, The soothing sound of the 35 string folk harp is particularly effective for this work.

After moving to Savannah, GA in 2000, Leslie began volunteering first at a local nursing home then with Hospice Savannah where she played quiet harp music in the hallways or, when requested, in patient's rooms. 
In 2005, St Joseph's/Candler hospital contacted her asking to contract her services for both of their hospital campuses.  As a musician in the hospital setting, she became aware that education focusing on the healing benefits of music was necessary and available. 
In 2005 she enrolled in the accredited MHTP (Music for Healing & Transition) program.  After completing the coursework and an internship, she graduated in 2008 and continues as a Certified Music Practitioner with St. Joseph's/Candler hospitals.
Leslie Adair
Certified Music Practitioner