Therapeutic music is a patient focused service used in the relief of pain, to promote physical healing and comfort the ailing.  It is live acoustic music specifically tailored to a patient’s immediate art based on the science of sound.

A therapeutic musician uses the inherent healing elements of live music and sound to enhance the environment for patients in healthcare settings, making it more conducive to the human healing process. Acoustic (live) music is not compressed and digitized like recorded music is, and it contains a much richer spectrum of vibrations and harmonics which can physically and emotionally affect those listening.

Benefits can include:
Disassociation from the present situation
Refocusing of attention
Altering the sense of time
Reprieve from the present situation
Relieving anxiety of the critically ill
Reducing stress and blood pressure of the chronically ill
Augmenting pain management
Bridge for communication between loved ones
Relieving body and mental tension of the pre-surgery patient
Accelerating physical healing of post-surgery and injured patients
Easing the birth delivery process
Aiding mental focus in Alzheimer’s patients by lifting and clearing  the consciousness
Assisting the dying by facilitating the transition process

Scientific studies show that live therapeutic music can aid in:
Reducing stress
Reducing blood pressure
Stabilizing heartbeat, respiration & pulse rate 
Reducing awareness of pain
Reducing muscle tension
Increasing endorphin levels
Equalizing and slowing down brain waves
Affecting body temperature
Boosting the immune system
Transitioning the dying
Providing comfort to grieving family members
Relaxation of voluntary and involuntary muscles
Memory recall for dementia patients

The effectiveness of music as a healing modality has been well-documented in music therapy, music-medicine, nursing, psychology and other scientific landscapes.

Controlled studies have been published which demonstrate the efficacy of live, therapeutic music in decreasing pain and anxiety, and in regulating heart rhythms.

More research abstracts:

Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) trained through The Music for Healing and Transition Program (, which is accredited by the National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians.

Leslie Adair
Certified Music Practitioner